tweed suit


A tweed sensation continues to gather pace this season in all things ‘fashion’ for both Men’s & Ladies wear. Building on its popularity from last Autumn/Winter the range of tweeds available has ‘mushroomed’, which is great news for UK tweed mills of which our locality can boast some of the finest.
Harris, Saxony, Donegal, Shetland and of course our own Yorkshire tweed are only a few of the iconic names within the ever broadening UK tweed family
Originally a working man’s cloth woven to be both warm and durable, it wasn’t long before Lairds, landlords, estate managers and even royalty wanted to be seen wearing a heavy tweed suit and thereby be seen to be supporting their local mill. Each cloth would be woven locally and quite often used traditional artisan dying methods creating colours produced from local peat, heather, moss, tree bark and sea water to create a unique tweed for that area.
Today’s cloth is produced in a broadly similar way and the likes of Abraham Moon & Co in Guiseley as well as others are enjoying a great resurgence in demand for their quality tweeds for both fashion & accessories purposes as well as home furnishings.
The strong fashion look at the moment is for a quality fitted tweed jacket to wear with smart denim jeans and finished off with a well looked after pair of tan brogue shoes. This same look moves across well into ladies wear as well and gives a practical but stylish outfit for the season.
One surprising growth area for menswear has been the demand for 3 piece tweed wedding suits. This come as much with the general trend for tweeds it does for the increasing popularity of more rural locations for country themed weddings. Quite often the ever popular black morning suit can now be seen being worn with a tweed waistcoat to bring together the traditional with the modern.
Whatever your own needs are for this season’s new outfit, you could do worse than starting with tweed, as well as being able to show your own individuality and style you will likely be supporting our home woven tweed whilst doing so!